Our Mission

"I want Open G Records to become the new blueprint for classical record labels. Each of our albums is driven by our world-class artists from conception through release. Once the concept for the album has been solidified, our exceptional in-house engineers guide the recording process in a way that is reminiscent of old-school recording houses. Finally, we welcome you, the audience, into the entire process through initiatives such as crowd funding campaigns and live-streamed rehearsal and recording sessions."

Chris Grymes
founder, clarinetist – Open G Records

Open G Records is committed to producing music that is rooted in the classical tradition, but delivered in a way that will resonate with current and future generations of music fans. A fundamental aspect of this philosophy involves tearing down the "fourth wall" to bring artists and their fans together in new and innovative ways. To that end, the process of making recordings, from conception of the idea through rehearsals to final mixing, will be livestreamed and available in real time, bringing fans unprecedented and intimate looks into the world of performing and recording artists. The resulting finished recordings will be released primarily in the highest-quality digital and vinyl formats, with a select number of CDs produced for the non-hipsters among us.

Open G Records is more than a record label, though; it’s a place where music is at the center of an explosion of ideas. On our blog, you will find podcasts featuring interviews with musicians, composers, actors, and other artists. You’ll also find essays and blog posts relating to music, art, and life in general.

Thanks for stopping by our site. Come for the music, stay for the community, then come back for more music.

Our Goals

  • To grow and foster a community of artists and fans, committed to creating art together
  • To promote the composition and production of new music
  • To allow great artists the freedom to execute their singular visions
  • To honor a tradition of great musicianship by recording both new and traditional classical music with the same roster of players
  • To promote dialog with artists and fans about music, art, and life
  • To make killer records